AVG Internet Security Unlimited (2019) review: A decent, if not exceptional, antivirus solution


Avast acquired AVG in 2016 and the two suites have been gradually growing together. The latest release of AVG Internet Security looks and feels eerily similar to Avast, and it comes with several of the same features, including the same secure browser – complete with integrated video downloader – and the same Do Not Disturb feature.

AVG Internet Security Unlimited (2019) review: Features

But it’s not quite a carbon copy. For instance, Avast’s “hardened” whitelist mode isn’t an option here. Also, in place of Avast’s safe browsing plugin, AVG comes with something called SafePrice, which pops up adverts and special offers when you visit shopping sites. It’s not exactly sneaky – the alerts are in your face – but it doesn’t belong in a piece of security software.

You can choose which folders to protect, and either leave it to AVG to decide what to block or set your own whitelist of applications that are allowed to access your personal files. AVG can also block access to folders for other Windows users – helpful if you need to keep things private from family members or colleagues.

Unusually, AVG Internet Security also features a custom firewall. The interface makes it easy to decide which processes should be able to access the local network or the internet – and you can also monitor ongoing connections, to see at a glance which applications are talking to whom.

This could be useful when it comes to diagnosing problems – it’s just a shame the interface is clunky.

AVG Internet Security Unlimited (2019) review: Performance

Given the relationship between Avast and AVG, you won’t be surprised to learn that the two performed identically in the most recent malware and performance tests.

Like its free counterpart, AVG intercepted a reasonable 99.8% of malware, with an acceptable false-positive rate of 0.4% and a middling score for system responsiveness.

AVG Internet Security Unlimited (2019) review: Verdict

The upshot is that AVG Internet Security is a decent, if not exceptional, antivirus solution, and while the feature list isn’t as exhaustive as Bitdefender or Kaspersky’s, it’s likely to hit most of your buttons.

There are cheaper suites out there that will give you protection that’s at least as good – including AVG’s own free sibling.